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About Us

We are an Independent Assessment Centre located in Ontario and are fully licensed by the FSCO (Financial Services Commission of Canada) as well as HCAI (Health Claims for Auto Insurance) Registered Facility.
We provide a variety of comprehensive and independent assessment services aimed at providing an impartial and credible third-party opinion for the resolution of insurance matters. We offer a full range of high quality medical assessments for Accident Benefit (AB) as well as Tort cases.
At OIAC our goal is to provide the highest quality medical assessments and reports. Once the medical assessment is conducted, our independent health care professionals submit their reports to OIAC for.  The report is then reviewed by our quality assurance team member to ensure its consistency and accuracy. We ensure that questions posed in the referral of the client are addressed in the reports.
We work in close contact with the you (the client), your treatment facility as well as your legal representatives, and act as a liaison

Chart & Stethoscope
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