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A patient-focused and holistic approach to health.

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We provide a holistic and patient-focused approach to your health, that simultaneously addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual components of health.

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Patient-Focused Medical Assessments

Holistic and comprehensive approach to your health

Objective Diagnostic Imaging

Understanding and analyzing 

your health

Independent Medical Evaluators

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Patient-Focused Medical Assessments

A holistic approach to your health

The Ontario Independent Assessment Centre offers a diverse range of comprehensive assessment services with the objective of providing an impartial and credible third-party opinion for the resolution of insurance matters. We offer a wide range of services, including Accident Benefits (AB) and Medical-Legal Tort Cases, as well as Catastrophic Impairment assessments. Additionally, we specialize in providing expert medical opinions for Malpractice cases.

At OIAC, we take pride in our roster of highly experienced and qualified professionals who specialize in conducting the following assessments:

  • In-Home Assessment and OT Assessment

  • Attendant Care Needs Assessment

  • Worksite Assessment 

  • Ergonomic Assessment

  • Orthopaedic Assessment

  • Chronic Pain Assessment and Treatment

  • Cognitive Assessment

  • Functional Abilities Evaluation Assessment

  • Psychological Assessment and Treatment

  • Driving Re-Integration Assessment and Treatment

  • Biopsychosocial Assessment and Treatment

  • Neurological Assessment

  • Concussion Assessment

  • Psychiatric Assessment

  • Neuropsychological Assessment

  • Vocational Evaluation

  • TMJ Assessment

  • Physiatry Assessment

  • Psycho-Vocational Assessment

  • Optometry Assessment

  • Neuro-Optometry Assessment

  • Nutritional Assessment

  • Plastic Surgery Assessment

  • Speech-Language Pathology Assessment

  • Future Care Cost Assessment

  • Med-Legal Assessments for TORT Cases

Beyond our assessment and treatment offerings, the Ontario Independent Assessment Centre (OIAC) goes the extra mile. We not only provide essential assistive devices but also offer the convenience of renting hospital beds, walkers, and wheelchairs, ensuring accessibility and ease of transportation.

Furthermore, at OIAC, we understand the importance of seamless experiences. That's why we take care of transportation arrangements and provide translation services for our patients. Your well-being is our priority, and we strive to make every aspect of your journey with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible.


Diagnostic Imaging Services

Understand and analyze your health

We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services specifically tailored to patients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. These services include:

  1. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging): We utilize advanced MRI technology to obtain detailed and high-resolution images of various body parts. This imaging technique is particularly useful in identifying and diagnosing injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

  2. Brain SPECT Scan: Specialized Brain SPECT (Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography) scan provides valuable insights into the functioning and blood flow within the brain. It aids in the evaluation and diagnosis of potential brain injuries or abnormalities resulting from the accident.

  3. EMG (Electromyography): EMG is a diagnostic procedure used to assess the health of muscles and the nerve cells that control them. It can help identify nerve damage, muscle dysfunction, and other related issues that may have occurred as a result of the motor vehicle accident.

  4. Sleep Study: We also offer sleep studies to evaluate sleep disorders and their potential impact on patients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. This assessment helps identify and address any sleep-related issues that may be affecting recovery and overall well-being.

Our dedicated team of medical professionals utilizes these diagnostic imaging services to provide accurate and comprehensive assessments, enabling appropriate treatment and care for patients recovering from motor vehicle accidents. 

Independent Medical Evaluators

Quality care you can count on

Our roster of assessors includes numerous top clinical experts across all medical specialties. Our team includes practitioners credentialed by:

  • College of Family Physicians of Canada

  • Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario

  • College of Chiropractors of Ontario

  • College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario

  • College of Optometrists of Ontario

  • College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

  • College of Psychologists of Ontario

  • Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

  • College of Nurses of Ontario

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada.

  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

  • American Academy of Neurology

  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario


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Medical Assessmets

Application for CAT Determination

Our dedication to excellence has been a cornerstone of our work at the Ontario Independent Assessment Centre (OIAC). With the introduction of our CAT Determination Assessment services, we aim to further strengthen our partnership with you by offering a comprehensive solution that meets the highest standards in the industry.

OIAC's comprehensive approach to CAT Determination Assessments ensures that every aspect of the evaluations are thoroughly examined. We understand that these assessments have a profound impact on the lives of the individuals involved, and we take our responsibility seriously. From the initial consultation to the final report, our team of esteemed, seasoned and certified Catastrophic Impairment Assessors strive to provide a seamless experience for all parties.


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